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Elbow Tendonitis Symptoms

There are some very common elbow tendonitis symptoms with the most common being persistent pain just below the elbow joint on the outside of the upper forearm. The pain from this injury can sometimes radiate down the arm too and many sufferers of tennis elbow report an increase in pain when they extend their wrist. Another common elbow tendonitis symptom is a difficulty in extending the forearm fully.
Other tendonitis of the elbow symptoms can include a weakness in your grip and sudden pain when you touch or bump the outside of your elbow. You might also feel pain when gripping things such as turning a doorknob or even shaking hands. Other tennis elbow symptoms can include pain when bending or lifting your arm or when holding on to light objects such as glasses or cups. When left untreated elbow tendonitis symptoms can worsen and some sufferers can often feel pain even when their arm is in a static position.
There are a number of reasons for tennis elbow symptoms which can include persistent strain on the muscles in the forearm which are used to extend the wrist and fingers. Activities such as tennis and golf where repeated twisting of the wrist and extending of the forearm are used can strain these muscles. There are some rare cases where elbow tendonitis symptoms have been caused by a direct and powerful blow to the elbow.
There are some other causes of elbow tendonitis and your physician will be able to diagnose and determine the cause by examining the elbow in question. X-rays can also be useful in determining this problem.
If you do have any of the above symptoms for elbow tendonitis, it should be worth noting that treating this problem can take up to four weeks but there are specific elbow tendonitis exercises that you can do to help. You should also avoid over using the affected elbow and it may be necessary to have a splint placed on your wrist to limit your usage. You can also use other remedies such as massage to help relieve the pain.
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